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Graphics, Bubble - growth vs. aggregates
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APPENDIX A: District and Port Code List

Hot Tip: Before you start, set your favorite (default) AXESweb state, database, output options, etc. To do this go to Customize, Common Settings (Blue menu bar on the left) and change each of the settings to the ones you would normally choose.


1)  To quickly run a state ranking (every state to the world) by $ value of most recent year to date (YTD) exports.
a) Select State NAICS as the database from the blue menu bar on the left (under Queries).
b) Next to "List rows by" choose show all states.
c) Click the Search! button at the top left.
d) Your answer table is displayed in the bottom "results" window. Easy wasn’t it? The new design was created to make searches easier then ever!! To run US by country choose show all countries. Similarly if you wish to run US by industry choose show all industries.
e) You are not limited to total dollar value, you can change unit of quantity to air value, air wgt (KG), vessel value and vessel wgt (KG).
f) Hot Tip: Set your default "list rows by" setting for quick lists of states, countries or industries. For example, if you only look at exports from your state by industry, you could customize your default setting to show all industries.

(NOTE: Census provides an excellent crosswalk from NAICS to SIC at http://www.census.gov/epcd/www/naicstab.htm)

2)  If you want to run exports from one state to every country.
a) Choose show all countries and then choose your state on the next line.
b) Click the Search! button at the top left.
c) Your table shows exports from your selected state to all countries displayed in the bottom "results" window.

3)  Display results in a new window.
a) In the query window click New Window (next to "Report Display") and click Search!.
b) Your results will appear in a full window for easier viewing.

4)  Drill Down!
a) Let’s start with a state ranking table. (See #1 above.) Each result row has a blue link. Also, note that the "Drilldown by:" "All industries" button is on at the top of the result table.
b) Choose your state and click the link.
c) The results show your state’s exports ranked by 3-digit NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code.
d) Note the  All States  button is on. Switch the drill down direction by clicking the  All Countries  button. Click on the blue link for one of your state’s industries.
e) The results show your state’s exports in the industry you selected by all countries of destination.

5)  Print! Create an Adobe Acrobat pdf report.
a) If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.
b) Use your browser’s "back" button to get back to the query menu.
c) Pull down the "Output/Chart" list in the query menu and select pdf. Click Search!.
d) In the headers of the results table, an Adobe Version button will appear.
e) Click the Adobe Version button and Adobe will open to display your report.
f) From here the report may be printed, emailed directly, or saved to a file.

6)  Download data to Excel format.
a) Use the "back" button to get back to the query menu.
b) Select xls from the "Output/Chart" options list in the query window. Click Search!.
c) In the headers of the results table, an Excel Version button will appear.
d) Click the Excel Version button and open or save the file in Excel. (Note: You will want to choose "save" so you can rename the file something that is meaningful to you. Don’t forget to change "save as type" to a Microsoft Excel file.)
e) Choose csv format instead of excel for an unformatted file easily opened in excel.

7)  Aggregations by U.S. and World region.
a) Go back to the query menu.
b) Pull down the state pick list and select Mountain (or your region). Aggregations appear at the top of the list after the TOTAL ALL category.
c) Go to "List rows by" and choose show all industries. Click Search!.
d) The results show Mountain States exports by Industry.
e) Hot Tip: To find out the states that comprise the Mountain region choose show all states and Mountain. The result is a report listing each state in that region.
f) To produce a multiple aggregation pull down the country list and select European Union. Select show all industries. Note that searching by multiple aggregations, i.e., Mountain States exports Manufactured Goods to Caribbean, may take a few extra seconds to produce results.
g) To create your own lists of state, countries and industries see example 6 page 7 on how to Customize, My User Lists.

8)  "Sort by" and "Unit of quantity" options - Compare state rankings by percent increase and decrease 2000-2001 in air weight of exports to state rankings by increase and decrease 2000-2001.
a) Clear all selections by clicking Reset at the top of the screen.
b) Select show all states.
c) Pull down the "Unit of quantity" picklist and select Air weight (KG).
d) Pull down the "Sort Order" list and select %Incr. 2000-01. Click Search!.
e) Note that very small states tend to have higher growth rates. This is because a small unit increase can be a large percent increase for a small state.
f) In the top window change the default descending order to ascending. Click Search!. Now the data is ranked by greatest percentage loss in air weight.
g) Now in the top window switch ascending back to descending and change "Sort Order" from %Incr. 2000-01 to Incr. 2000-01 (without the %). Click Search!. Note that large states tend to have the largest absolute increases.

9)  Graphics! Bubble – growth rates.
a) Clear all selections by clicking Reset.
b) Select show all states.
c) Pull down the "Output/Chart" option list.
d) Select Bubble-growth rates in the query window, then click Search!.
e) This bubble chart shows a simple picture of export growth in the past 2 years while indicating the magnitude of shipments by the size of the bubble.
f) For a good time, click on the Bigger button a few times, then the Smaller button.
g) Try removing a bubble by clicking on the remove button. Removing bubbles is useful if the scale of the chart is distorted by 1 or 2 small outlying values.
h) "Mouse-over" any bubble to see the data values.
i) Click on any bubble to drill down!
j) Switch the drill down direction by clicking the button above the data table below the chart. Click on a bubble to drill down!
k) Press download to save the graph to gif format for your report or to wallpaper your desktop. :)

10)  Bubble – growth vs. aggregates.
a) Select your state from the state list, show all industries and leave the default destination total all countries.
b) Select the Bubble-growth vs aggregates chart option. Click Search!.
c) Tip! You may need to remove outlying bubbles. To do this click on the remove link above the graph.
d) This chart compares your state’s export growth by industry to US export growth by industry.
e) Now choose Canada from the country list and search again. This produces 2 charts, one comparing your state’s and US export growth to Canada by industry and the second comparing your state’s exports to Canada and your state’s exports to the World by industry.

11)  More graphics.
a) Select Time series pie chart from the "Output/Chart" Options list, then click Search!.
b) Click, hold and spin the pies to "wow" your clients! (Pie drill downs coming soon!)
c) Try each of the other graph types.
d) Hot Tip: Create a customized user list to graph specific states, countries, or industries.
e) Don’t forget to "download" some graphs to email your friends!! :)

HS and other statistical databases

1)  State HS
a) Select your state from the list and "Top commodities". Note that "HS detail" is set to a default of "2" digits. Click Search! Note, there are 99 HS codes compared to 34 2-digit SIC and 33 3-digit NAICS codes.
b) Now increase the commodity detail by clicking the "HS detail" = "4" button and click Search!.
c) Finally click the "HS detail" = "6" button and search again. This is the most detailed data available for state exports at this time. There are 4,500 6-digit codes.
d) Drill down on your state’s #1 commodity to see how your state ranks.
e) Note: You can limit your search by changing the # of rows from the default of "top 250" to "top 10", "top 25", "top 50", or "top 100".

2)  The HS Applet Lookup
a) Click Choose HS to find a specific HS code. It's easiest to keep the HS Lookup Applet open throughout your session if you use it often.
b) The 99 2-digit HS codes are listed numerically by code. Scroll down the list to get an idea of how commodities are grouped at the 2-digit level.
c) To bypass a numeric search, type the word apple in the "Key search" space then press enter or click More Detail.
d) Select Apples, fresh from the resulting match list. Note that HS code 080810 and the description are entered automatically in the query window.
e) With the HS Applet still open, select show all states, Total All Countries from the query window. (The HS Applet will be minimized as soon as you click in the query window).Click Search! on the query window. The state ranking of fresh apple exports is returned in the result table.
f) Click on the minimized HS Applet to open it and click the applet’s Start Over button.
g) Select Edible Fruit & Nuts. Note that HS code 08 and the description appear back in the query window.
h) With the HS Applet still open, click Search! again in the query window. The state ranking of "Fruit & Nut" exports is returned in the result table.
i) Click on the minimized HS Applet icon to open it again and click "More Detail". The resulting list shows 4-digit detail for fruits. Select Apples, pears...then click Search! again in the query window to obtain the state ranking for HS 0808, apples and pears.
j) Finally, click the HS Applet icon to open it and press "More Detail". Choose from the only two 6-digit codes, Apple, fresh or Pears and quinces ...and click Search! to rank the states.
k) Open the HS Applet again and use the Back button twice to get back to the 2-digit level. Select Edible Fruit & Nuts at the 2-digit level.
l) On the query window select California, change HS detail to "6", and then click Search!. The results show all 6-digit fruits within the 2-digit code selected in the HS Applet. To retrieve a report about all commodities beginning with the same 2, 4, or 6-digits:
*Select the 2,4, or 6-digit HS code.
*Click any level of detail button greater than the level of the code selected.

3)  State Port
a) Select the State Port query from the AXESWeb left nav bar.
b) Select your state, choose All Ports from the port list, and click Search!.
c) The result table shows the ports through which your state’s exports leave the country.
d) Select your favorite port, choose All States from the state list, and click Search!. The result table shows the states shipping through your favorite port. This data is of great interest to airports and seaports that want to know if they are losing traffic to competing ports. (Don’t forget that you can change the "unit of quantity" from total dollar value to air value and air weight to retrieve data on airports and vessel value and vessel weight to retrieve data on sea ports.)

4)  District HS - This is the only US database with import statistics. There are no state import statistics. This database shows the customs districts where goods enter and leave the US, regardless of state of origin or destination.
a) Select US HS from the left nav bar.
b) If the HS Applet is still open from State HS (it may be open but minimized) close it.
c) Find Chicago, IL Customs District imports from Saudi Arabia by "top 100" 10-digit commodities.(Be patient. Searches can take 30 seconds at the 10-digit level.)
d) Switch the trade flow from imports to exports and click Search!.
e) Click Find an HS and use the keyword search to find the 10-digit HS code for skis. The keyword search returns matching 6-digit codes. Select snow skis and press more detail to get to 10-digits. There are 2 10-digit export codes for skis and ski parts.
f) Close the HS Applet and switch trade flow to "imports". Repeat the search for the 10-digit code for skis. Note that there are more 10-digit codes for "imports" under snow-skis than for "exports". Snowboards and cross-country skis have their own import codes. There are 8,000 10-digit HS export codes and 16,000 10-digit import codes. Export and import codes for the same commodity, like skis, may be different at the 10-digit level.
g) Select snowboards from the HS Applet. Choose Total US from the district list and All countries from the country list. Pull down the "Unit of quantity" list from the query window and select units. Pull down the "Sort order" list and select Incr. 1999-00. Click Search!. Which country had the greatest increase in number of snowboards to the US in 2000?
h) Change the sort order back to 2000. Change the unit of quantity to unit value and click Search!. Which country sold us the most expensive snowboards in 2000?
i) Close the HS Applet.
j) Switch "trade flow" back to exports.
k) Rank "All districts" by dollar value of snow skis exports at the 10-digit level to Total All Countries. This provides information about competitors if you know or can surmise the districts they ship through.
l) Now switch queries to the State HS database by clicking on it in the AXESWeb left nav bar.
m) Find state exports of skis at the 6-digit level to find out how much competitors are exporting if you know where the skis are produced. Sometimes you can match shipments by both state of origin and district of exit, especially for a specific country, mode of transportation, and time period.
a) Select Inter-Am. from the left nav bar.
b) Find Brazil exports by country. Change the Inter-Am. Country to Brazil and Partner Country to All Countries. Click Search!. The result is a table of exports from Brazil to every partner country in total US dollars (1,000s). To get the imports from every country into Brazil just switch the "trade flow" button from "Exports" to "Imports".
c) Find Brazil exports by commodity. Change All Countries to Total All Countries. Click "List rows by" and choose show all commodities. The result is a table of exports from Brazil to the world by commodity. To get the imports from the world into Brazil by commodity just switch the "trade flow" button from "Exports" to "Imports". TIP: To get the exports or imports at a greater level just click on the 4 or 6 digit detail. The resulting table breaks down the commodities at a more detailed level.
d) "Unit of quantity" can be searched by US dollar value or weight (KG).
e) As with all the databases you are also able to create charts.

Creating Customizations

1)  My User Lists - This is perhaps my favorite feature. If you need to aggregate values for a grouping of states, countries, industries/commodities you will want to use this feature.
a) Click Customize on the blue menu bar. Then click My User Lists.
b) To create a unique state grouping, click on the tab that is labeled State (US). As you click on a state it will move from the left box to the right box. If you mistakenly move a state to the right box you can always send it back by clicking on the left arrow. When you have selected all of your states enter "a list name" (such as "New England"). Click save, then click ok. It will now be listed in your "current lists".
c) To use your newly created list, re-select your database of interest on the blue menu bar to refresh your query frame. Now when you pull down the state list, your list will appear as a new item near the top! Select your list and run any query. Note that choosing show all states will report data for the component states in your list, while choosing show all industries or show all countries will report aggregated values for the states in your list.
d) You can easily edit, rename, and delete any lists you create.
e) To create unique groupings by country, industry/commodity, or port, just follow the same steps as above.
f) When you create a State HS list, you will notice that you can highlight more than one entry at a time. Simply hold the control key down while highlighting the HS codes you want or drag or shift click to select a range. You may create a mixed list of 2, 4, and 6-digit codes!
g) Select HS lists you create via the My HS Lists button in the State HS database.
h) Hot Tip: Use lists to graph specific states, countries, and industries. Also, save your favorite individual HS codes as single item lists for quick access via the My HS Lists button.

2)  Desktop Settings - This is the way to make your screen reflect your individuality.
a) Go to Customize, My Desktop Settings and from there you can customize your colors and backgrounds.

Need more help? No problem!

Hot Tip: Call Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST for technical support at +1.413.282.8182 or email support@wisertrade.org.

APPENDIX A: District and Port code list

01 Portland, Maine
 0101Portland, Maine
 0102Bangor, Maine
 0103Eastport, Maine
 0104Jackman, Maine
 0105Vanceboro, Maine
 0106Houlton, Maine
 0107Fort Fairfield, Maine
 0108Van Buren, Maine
 0109Madawaska, Maine
 0110Fort Kent, Maine
 0111Bath, Maine
 0112Bar Harbor, Maine
 0115Calais, Maine
 0118Limestone, Maine
 0121Rockland, Maine
 0122Jonesport, Maine
 0127Bridgewater, Maine
 0131Portsmouth, New Hampshre
 0132Belfast, Maine
 0152Searsport, Maine
 0181Lebanon Municipal Airport, New Hampshire
 0182Manchester User Fee Airport, Manchester,Nh.
02 St. Albans, Vermont
 0201St. Albans, Vermont
 0203Richford, Vermont
 0206Beecher Falls, Vermont
 0207Burlington, Vermont
 0209Derby Line, Vermont
 0211Norton, Vermont
 0212Highgate Springs-Alburg, Vt
04 Boston, Massachusetts
 0401Boston, Mass.
 0402Springfield, Mass.
 0403Worcester, Mass.
 0404Gloucester, Mass.
 0405New Bedford, Mass.
 0406Plymouth, Mass.
 0407Fall River, Mass.
 0408Salem, Mass.
 0409Provincetown, Mass.
 0410Bridgeport, Conn.
 0411Hartford, Conn.
 0412New Haven, Conn.
 0413New London, Conn.
 0416Lawrence, Mass.
 0417Logan Airport-Boston, Mass.
05 Providence, Rhode Island
 0501Newport, R.I.
 0502Providence, R.I.
 0503Mellville, R.I.
07 Ogdensburg, New York
 0701Ogdensburg, N.Y.
 0704Massena, N.Y.
 0705Fort Covington, N.Y.
 0706Cape Vincent, N.Y.
 0708Alexandria Bay, N.Y.
 0712Champlain-Rouses Pt., N.Y.
 0714Clayton, N.Y.
 0715Trout River, N.Y.
09 Buffalo, New York
 0901Buffalo-Niagara Falls, N.Y.
 0903Rochester, N.Y.
 0904Oswego, N.Y.
 0905Sodus Point, N.Y.
 0906Syracuse, N.Y.
 0907Uttica, N.Y.
 0971Tnt Skypak, Buffalo
 0972Swift Sure Courier Services, Ltd.
 0981Binghamton Regional Airport, N.Y.
10 New York City, New York
 1001New York, N.Y.
 1002Albany, N.Y.
 1003Newark, N.J.
 1004Perth Amboy, N.J.
 1012J.F.K. Int. Airport, N.Y.
 1068Newark Fedex Eccf, Newark, NJ
 1069Ups, Newark, NJ
 1070Federal Express, Jamaica, Ny
 1071Nyacc, Jamaica, Ny
 1072Dhl, Jamaica, Ny
 1073Emery Worldwide
 1074Air France (Mach Plus)
 1075Dworkin/Cosell Courier
 1076Swiss Air (Skyracer)
 1077Alitalia (Aliexpress)
 1078Tnt Skypak, JFK
 1081Morristown Airport, Newark, NJ
11 Philadelphia, Pa.
 1101Philadelphia, Pa.
 1102Chester, Pa.
 1103Wilmington, Del.
 1104Pittsburgh, Pa.
 1105Paulsboro, N.J.
 1106Wlks-Barre/Scranton, Pa.
 1107Camden, N.J.
 1108Philadelphia Int'L Airport
 1109Harrisburg, Pa.
 1113Gloucester City, N.J.
 1119Lehigh Valley, Pa
 1182Atlantic City User Fee Airport
 1183Trenton/Mercer Country User Fee Airport, N.J.
 1195Ups Courier Hub Facility, Philadelphia, Pa.
13 Baltimore, Maryland
 1301Annapolis, Md.
 1302Cambridge, Md.
 1303Baltimore, Md.
 1304Crisfield, Md.
 1305Baltimore-Washington International Airport
14 Norfolk, Virginia
 1401Norfolk, Va.
 1402Newport News, Va.
 1404Richmond-Petersburg, Va.
 1408Hopewell, Va.
 1409Charlestown, W. Va.
 1410Front Royal, Va.
 1481New River Valley Airport, Dublin, Va.
15 Wilmington, N. Carolina
 1501Wilmington, N.C.
 1502Winston-Salem, N.C.
 1503Durham, N.C.
 1506Reidsville, N.C.
 1511Morehead-Beaufort, N.C.
 1512Charlotte, N.C.
16 Charleston, S. Carolina
 1601Charleston, S.C.
 1602Georgetown, S.C.
 1603Greenville-Sptburg, S.C.
 1604Columbia, South Carolina
 1681Myrtle Beach International Airport
17 Savannah, Georgia
 1701Brunswick, Ga.
 1703Savannah, Ga.
 1704Atlanta, Ga.
18 Tampa, Florida
 1801Tampa, Fla.
 1803Jacksonville, Fla.
 1805Fernandina, Fla.
 1807Boca Grande
 1808Orlando, Fla.
 1809Orlando-Sanford Airport, Fl.
 1814St. Petersburg, Fla.
 1816Port Canaveral, Fla.
 1818Panama City, Fla.
 1819Pensacola, Fla.
 1821Port Manatee
 1822Fort Myers Airport, Florida
 1883Sarasota-Bradenton Airport
 1884Daytona Beach Airport
 1885Melbourne Regional Airport, Fla.
 1886Ocala Regional Airport, Florida
19 Mobile, Alabama
 1901Mobile, Ala.
 1902Gulfport, Miss.
 1903Pascagoula, Miss.
 1904Birmingham, Ala.
 1910Huntsville, Ala.
20 New Orleans, Louisiana
 2001Morgan City, La.
 2002New Orleans, La.
 2003Little Rock-N.L.R., Ark.
 2004Baton Rouge, La.
 2005Port Sulphur, La.
 2006Memphis, Tenn.
 2007Nashville, Tenn.
 2008Chattanooga, Tenn.
 2009Destrehan, La.
 2010Gramercy, La.
 2011Greenville, Miss.
 2012Avondale, La.
 2013St. Rose, La.
 2014Good Hope, La.
 2015Vicksburg, Ms (Incl. Jackson Municipal Airport)
 2016Knoxville, Tenn.
 2017Lake Charles, La.
 2018Shreveport-Bossier Cty,La
 2082Tri-City User Fee Airport, Bountville,Tn
 2083Arkansas Aesoplex, Blythville, Arkansas
 2095Federal Express
21 Port Arthur, Texas
 2101Port Arthur, Texas
 2102Sabine, Texas
 2103Orange, Texas
 2104Beaumont, Texas
23 Laredo, Texas
 2301Brownsville-Cameron, Tx.
 2302Del Rio, Texas
 2303Eagle Pass, Texas
 2304Laredo, Texas
 2305Hildago, Texas
 2307Rio Grande City, Texas
 2309Progresso, Texas
 2310Roma, Texas
24 El Paso, Texas
 2402El Paso, Texas
 2403Presidio, Texas
 2404Fabens, Texas
 2406Columbus, N.M.
 2407Albuquerque, N.M.
 2408Santa Teresa, New Mexico
 2481Santa Teresa Airport, Nm
25 San Diego, California
 2501San Diego, Cal.
 2502Andrade, Cal.
 2503Calexico Ca
 2504San Ysidro, Cal.
 2505Tecate, Cal.
 2506Otay Mesa Station
 2507Calexico-East, Ca.
26 Nogales, Arizona
 2601Douglas, Ariz.
 2602Lukeville, Ariz.
 2603Naco, Arizona
 2604Nogales, Ariz.
 2605Phoenix, Ariz.
 2606Sasabe, Ariz.
 2608San Luis, Ariz.
 2609Tucson, Ariz.
27 Los Angeles, California
 2704Los Angeles, Calif.
 2707Port San Luis, Calif.
 2709Long Beach, Calif.
 2711El Segundo, Calif.
 2712Ventura, Calif.
 2713Port Hueneme, Calif.
 2715Capitan, Calif.
 2719Morro, Calif.
 2720L.A. Int. Airport, Calif.
 2721Ontario International Airport, Ca
 2722Las Vegas, Nevada
 2770Dhl, Los Angeles, Ca
 2772Gateway Freight Services, Lax
 2773Air Cargo Handling Services, Inc.
 2774Virgin Atlantic Cargo
 2775Tnt Express Worldwide La, Ca
 2776Ibc Pacific, California
 2781Palm Springs Regional Airport, Ca
 2782San Bernadino International Airport, La. Ca
 2783Southern California Logistics Airport Victorville,
 2795Ups, Ontario, Ca
28 San Francisco, Calif.
 2801S.F. Int. Airport, Calif.
 2802Eureka, Calif.
 2803Fresno, Calif.
 2805Monterey, Calif.
 2809San Francisco, Calif.
 2810Stockton, Calif.
 2811Oakland, Calif.
 2812Richmond, Calif.
 2813Alameda, Calif.
 2815Crockett, Calif.
 2816Sacramento, Calif.
 2820Martinez, Calif.
 2821Redwood City, Calif.
 2827Selby, Calif.
 2828San Joaquin River, Calif.
 2829San Pablo Bay, Calif.
 2830Carquinez Strait, Calif.
 2831Suisun Bay, Calif.
 2833Reno, Nevada
 2834San Jose International Airport
 2870Dhl Worldwide Express, San Francisco
 2871Air Cargo Handling Services, San Francisco
 2872Tnt Skypak, San Francisco
 2873Ibc Pacific, Burlingame, California
 2895Federal Express Courier Facility, Oakland, Ca.
29 Columbia-Snake
 2901Astoria, Oregon
 2902Newport, Oregon
 2903Coos Bay, Oregon
 2904Portland, Oregon
 2905Longview, Wash.
 2907Boise, Idaho
 2908Vancouver, Wash.
 2909Kalama, Wash.
 2910Portland International Airport
 2981Kingsley Field Klamath Falls, Or
 2982Medford-Jackson County Airport Medford Or
 2991Federal Express Currier
30 Seattle, Washington
 3001Seattle, Wash.
 3002Tacoma, Wash.
 3003Aberdeen-Hoquiam, Wash.
 3004Blaine, Wash.
 3005Bellingham, Wash.
 3006Everett, Wash.
 3007Port Angeles, Wash.
 3008Port Townsend, Wash.
 3009Sumas, Wash.
 3010Anacortes, Wash.
 3011Nighthawk, Wash.
 3012Danville, Wash.
 3013Ferry, Wash.
 3014Friday Harbor, Wash.
 3015Boundary, Wash.
 3016Laurier, Wash.
 3017Point Roberts, Wash.
 3018Kenmore Air Harbor, Wash.
 3019Oroville, Wash.
 3020Frontier, Wash.
 3022Spokane, Wash.
 3023Lynden, Wash.
 3025Metaline Falls, Wash.
 3026Olympia, Wash.
 3027Neah Bay, Wash.
 3029Seattle-Tacoma Int. Airport
 3071Ups, Seattle, Wash.
 3072Avion Brokers
 3073Dhl Worldwide Express
 3074Airborne Express, Seattle, Wa
 3081Yakima Air Terminal, Wa
 3082Grant County User-Fee Airport, Moses Lake, Wa
 3095Ups Courier Hub, Seattle, Wa
31 Anchorage, Alaska
 3101Juneau, Alaska
 3102Ketchikan, Alaska
 3103Skagway, Alaska
 3104Alcan, Alaska
 3105Wrangell, Alaska
 3106Dalton Cache, Alaska
 3107Valdez, Alaska
 3111Fairbanks, Alaska
 3112Petersburg, Alaska
 3115Sitka, Alaska
 3124Pelican, Alaska
 3125Sand Point, Alaska
 3126Anchorage, Alaska
 3127Kodiak, Alaska
 3181St. Paul Airport, Anchorage, Ak
 3195Fed Express, Anchorage
 3196Ups, Anchorage, Ak
32 Honolulu, Hawaii
 3201Honolulu, Hawaii
 3202Hilo, Hawaii
 3203Kahului, Hawaii
 3204Nawiliwilt-Pt Allen, Hawaii
 3205Honolulu Int. Airport
 3206Kona, Hawaii
 3295U.P.S. Courier
33 Great Falls, Montana
 3301Raymond, Montana
 3302Eastport, Idaho
 3303Salt Lake City, Utah
 3304Great Falls, Montana
 3305Butte, Montana
 3306Turner, Montana
 3307Denver, Colorado
 3308Porthill, Idaho
 3309Scobey, Montana
 3310Sweetgrass, Montana
 3312Whitetail, Montana
 3316Piegan, Montana
 3317Opheim, Montana
 3318Roosville, Montana
 3319Morgan, Montana
 3321Whitlash, Montana
 3322Del Bonita, Montana
 3382Natrona County International Airport
 3384Centennial Airport, Co.
34 Pembina, North Dakota
 3401Pembina, N.D.
 3402Noyes, Minn.
 3403Portal, N.D.
 3404Neche, N.D.
 3405St. John, N.D.
 3406Northgate, N.D.
 3407Walhalla, N.D.
 3408Hannah, N.D.
 3409Sarles, N.D.
 3410Ambrose, N.D.
 3413Antler, N.D.
 3414Sherwood, N.D.
 3415Hansboro, N.D.
 3416Maida, N.D.
 3417Fortuna, N.D.
 3419Westhope, N.D.
 3420Noonan, N.D.
 3421Carbury, N.D.
 3422Dunseith, N.D.
 3423Warroad, Minn.
 3424Baudette, Minn.
 3425Pinecreek, Minn.
 3426Roseau, Minn.
 3481Hector International Airport
35 Minneapolis, Minnesota
 3501Minneap.-St. Paul, Minn.
 3502Sioux Falls, S.D.
 3581Rochester, Minn. User Fee Airport
36 Duluth Minnesota
 3601Duluth, Minn.
 3602Ashland, Wisconsin
 3604Int. Falls-Ranier, Minn.
 3608Superior, Wisconsin
 3613Grand Portage, Minn.
 3614Silver Bay, Minn.
37 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 3701Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 3702Marinette, Wisconsin
 3703Green Bay, Wisconsin
 3706Manitowoc, Wisconsin
 3707Sheboygan, Wisconsin
 3708Racine, Wisconsin
38 Detroit, Michigan
 3801Detroit, Michigan
 3802Port Huron, Michigan
 3803Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
 3804Saginaw-Bay City, Mich.
 3805Battle Creek, Mich.
 3806Grand Rapids, Mich.
 3808Escanaba, Mich.
 3809Marquette, Mich.
 3814Algonac, Mich.
 3815Muskegon, Mich.
 3816Grand Haven, Mich.
 3818Rogers City, Mich.
 3819Detour City, Mich.
 3820Mackinac Island, Mich.
 3842Presque Isle, Mich.
 3843Alpena, Mich.
 3844Ferrysburg, Mich.
 3881Oakland-Pontiac Airport, Mi
 3882Willow Run Airport
39 Chicago, Illinois
 3901Chicago, Illinois
 3902Peoria, Illinois
 3903Omaha, Nebraska
 3904East Chicago, Indiana
 3905Gary, Indiana
 3907Des Moines, Iowa
 3908Davenpor Ia Rock Is Moline Il
 3909Port Of Rockfort, Rockfort, Il
 3981Waukegan Airport, Chicago, Il
 3982Greater Rockford Airport, Rockford,Il
 3983Pal-Waukee User Fee Airport, Wheeling,Il
 3984Hulman Regional Airport, Indiana
 3985Decatur User Fee Airport, Decatur,Il
 3991Nippon Courier Hub, Chicago,Il
41 Cleveland, Ohio
 4101Cleveland, Ohio
 4103Columbus, Ohio
 4104Dayton, Ohio
 4106Erie, Pennsylvania
 4108Ashtabula, Ohio
 4109Conneaut, Ohio
 4110Indianapolis, Ind.
 4111Fairport, Ohio
 4112Akron, Ohio
 4115Louisville, Ky.
 4117Huron, Ohio
 4121Lorain, Ohio
 4122Ashtabula/Conneaut, Ohio
 4181Airborne Air Park
 4182Rickenbacker Airport,Oh
 4183Fort Wayne Airport
 4184Bluegrass Airport, Lexington, Ky
 4185Dupage Airport, Illinois
 4192Burlington Ait Express, Ohio
 4195Emery World-Wide, Dayton,Oh
 4196Ups, Louisville, Ky
 4197Dhl, Cincinnati, Ohio
 4198Fedex Courier Hub Facility, Indianapolis, In.
45 St. Louis, Missouri
 4501Kansas City, Missouri
 4502St. Joseph, Missouri
 4503St. Louis, Missouri
 4504Wichita, Kansas
 4505Springfield, Missouri
 4506Spirit Of St. Louis Airport, Mo.
49 San Juan, Puerto Rico
 4901Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
 4904Fajardo, Puerto Rico
 4905Guanica, Puerto Rico
 4906Humacao, Puerto Rico
 4907Mayagues, Puerto Rico
 4908Ponce, Puerto Rico
 4909San Juan, Puerto Rico
 4911Jobos, Puerto Rico
 4912Guayanilla, Puerto Rico
 4913San Juan Int. Airport, P.R.
51 Virgin Islands Of The Us
 5101Charlotte Amalie, V.I.
 5102Cruz Bay, V.I.
 5103Coral Bay, V.I.
 5104Christiansted, V.I.
 5105Frederiksted, V.I.
52 Miami, Flordia
 5201Miami, Florida
 5202Key West, Florida
 5203Pt. Everglades, Florida
 5204West Palm Beach, Fla.
 5205Fort Pierce, Fla.
 5206Miami Int. Airport, Fla.
 5270International Courier Assoc.
 5271Dhl, Miami, Fl
 5272Miami Int Airport, Cargo Facilities Service, Inc.,
 5273Ups Miami International Airport
53 Houston/Galveston, Texas
 5301Houston, Texas
 5306Texas City, Texas
 5309Houston Intercontinental Air
 5310Galveston, Texas
 5311Freeport, Texas
 5312Corpus Christi, Texas
 5313Port Lavaca, Texas
54 Washington, D.C.
 5401Washington, D.C.
 5402Alexandria, Va.
55 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
 5501Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
 5502Amarillo, Texas
 5503Lubbock, Texas
 5504Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
 5505Tulsa, Oklahoma
 5506Austin, Texas
 5507San Antonio, Texas
 5582Midland International Air
 5583Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Tx
 5584Addison User Fee Airport, Dallas Tx
58 Savannah/Wilmington
59 Norfolk/Mobile/Charleston
60 Vessels Under Own Power
70 Low Value Shipments
80 Mail Shipments