WISERTrade Demos

WISER's demos show a bit of the use of WISERTrade, focusing on the import and export of Golf Clubs

WISERTrade Introductory Demo

This Introductory Video showcases the WISERTrade website and database system. It is intended for the new user who is unfamiliar with the WISER system and requires a brief introduction to our site.

World Market Demo

World Market shows the California production of exports for World Markets. It also shows a simple use of WISERTrade's lookup of harmonized codes for detailed commodities. The demo shows a display of some elements of WISERTrade's graphical dashboard summary.

US State Exports Demo

US State Exports shows how the system can be used to show the competition within countries that occurs. While this is shown just for the US, it is also available for any nation which pictures sub-national components of the national export total, Canada, China, Chile and Colombia beyond the US.

Japanese Competition Demo

Japanese Competition shows the competition California has had for exporting to one of its major markets, Japan. This part of the demo also pictures the value that many find not only in export totals by value, but also exports by number of units, unit price, and weight (the first two shown in the demo).

Canadian Market Demo

Canadian Market shows the great deal of data available in Canada, where especially import codes carry out to show important detail. The demo points out the sub-national focus on Provinces in Canada, similar (but not shown in China and Chile and Colombia.