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April 30, 2024 1:00pm EDT
May 23, 2024 1:00pm EDT
We have reserved times above for demonstration and training on the WISERTrade platform. Sessions are planned, in general, for 1:00pm EST; if this time (or announced dates) do not work for you, times and dates can be customized upon request. We would like 24 hours notice of your participation in a demonstration or training session and will set topics according to your interests and needs. Please contact us at or (413) 282-8182.

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U.S. by State, Port, District May 2024
Canada May 2024
Mexico Mar 2024
Brazil Jun 2024
Chile Apr 2024
EU28 Apr/May 2024
Japan Apr 2024
South Africa Apr 2024
Colombia Apr 2024
South Korea Aug 2023
China Mar 2015
Taiwan Dec 2012
UN 139 Countries Annual 2022

WISERTrade can help you if you are...

manufacturing or distributing a product

WISERTrade can tell you:
  • which countries import your product
  • the size of the import market for your product, country by country
  • which import markets are growing fastest; which are declining
  • countries from which your supply competitors originate; what those supplier countries' market penetration rates are
  • which countries are experiencing growing market shares; which are experiencing shrinking shares
  • the comparative trends in import market sizes across countries and products as development occurs

a private or governmental development professional

WISERTrade can tell you:
  • which countries or regions are your most important trading partners
  • your region's market share of the global import market for any product manufactured locally
  • the exposure of any local industry to shifting global import demand
  • where and for which industry export growth potential is the greatest
  • the changing makeup of your export and import portfolios of commodities
  • prospects of best foreign candidates for relocation into your region

an educational institution or library

WISERTrade can tell you:
  • how global markets are important in the worlds of business and economics...for more than 500 commodities and 180 countries
  • the rates at which developed and developing countries are converging
  • the rates of transference of market purchasing and production powers from developed to developing countries
  • commodity income elasticities of countries, differentiated by level of development (when used in conjunction with UN income data)
  • countless mined answers to spatial and longitudinal econometric studies

What others say

At MidAmerica Airport, we use the WISERTrade database regularly, at all hours of the day, and from global ports near and far. The trade data that WISERTrade provides is a very versatile tool. The data provides detail for our recommendations to our clients and prospective clients. And we show attribution to WISERTrade so that the data lends full credibility to the presentations we create. The historical data, shows an accurate picture of trends in the export/import side of any industry. And because we can dive deep into the data and view products with up to 10 digits of detail in an HS code, we can view specific products that are shipping down to specific ports of import/export. We look forward to the continued enhancements by WISERTrade.

— Larry Taylor, Business Development, MidAmerica St.Louis Airport

Many thanks for your assistance - we are using the database on nearly a daily basis and have found it incredibly useful.

— Helen Patterson, Policy Advisor at the New Zealand Embassy, Washington, DC

WISERTrade is a great tool for the classroom and sponsored research. The service and support provided by Jack and his team is excellent. I highly recommend WISERTrade for universities involved with trade research and international business education.

— Chad R. Miller, Ph.D. Assistant Professor & Graduate Coordinator of the Masters of Science in Economic Development Program, The University of Southern Mississippi

I have been working with Jack and Carla for the best part of 10 years, they are the best. As a Musical Instrument Manufacturer it is a must to understand the import & export ramifications of your competitors at State, Provincial and Country levels. Wiser is a must have tool for any Domestic or International goods buyer or seller.
Know Your Business
Wiser You Rock

— Nort Hargrove, VP Manufacturing, Sabian Cymbal Manufacturers

WISERTrade gives you more for less

WISERTrade is available at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere you can connect to the internet. And it is available at a price affordable by all who are committed to a presence in or knowledge of international markets. What you cannot afford is not having the competitive market intelligence that WISERTrade has spent years developing and continues to create every month. We pledge to train you and your staff, free of charge, so you can take full advantage of the data and analytics, and are able to translate the information into actionable intelligence to serve your specific needs. Our support staff has an excellent track record of answering technical and data questions in record time. We are available to produce customized reports should you lack the time or personnel resources.

Ask for a free demonstration and never look back.